May 21st, 2009


Fall TV Pre-snarks

Every year I hope there will be less interesting television shows out there, so I can turn the damn tv off and get some work done...

I see NBC has canceled My Name Is Earl, which means there is now nothing on NBC I need to watch. Supposedly the show will move to Fox, who will probably mess with it and ruin it. Actually, as there were two or three shows on at the same time as Earl, I didn't get a chance to watch it as often, especially with my life filling up on Thursdays. It was a very good show and I'm glad I saw as much of it as I did.

ABC will start Flash Forward, based on the Robert J Sawyer book, which I haven't read but the whole thing sounds good and he approves of it so I'll watch it. ABC also has Castle, my guilty pleasure series. The Forgotton sounds interesting, as does Modern Family. Not that these are the shows I would watch normally, but Modern Family has a gay couple who have adopted a child from Vietnam. Strong move to push the "gay agenda" of wanting to pay off a mortgage, raise a child (some one else's no less) and live a typical suburban life. I expect the series will not survive because the radical wacko right will threaten boycotts, burning down stations, and possibly call a fatwa on the actors. THAT will be fun to watch.

ABC also has a remake of V. I didn't watch it as a kid (well, I don't remember much of it) and I'm not interested in yet another remake because the networks are afraid of original idea.

CBS killed 11th Hour, which I liked because it was more accessible than Fringe, but they are keeping their classics: CSI, NCIS, Numb3rs, and the Mentalist. The NCIS offshoot NICS:LA is another damn acronym show, but I liked what I saw in NCIS a few weeks ago, so I'll give the show a chance. As NCIS was an offshoot of JAG, there is an interesting family of military cop shows in three generations. I keep expecting Harm and Mac to be in the background of some shot, holding hands, walking around, not being part of the story, just a fun reminder of where they all came from.

FOX is keeping House (which had a great finale) and Dollhouse (which surprised the hell out of me). FOX will probably screw with Dollhouse and make it unwatchable.

Then there is cable... but that's another post.

What is everyone looking forward to next year?