August 21st, 2006


Writing blues

I've got them again. That feeling that no matter what I write, it just wont sell. It's not worth doing. I thought I could savd one of my stories after some general feedback from kblincoln, but the draft is in "shitty first draft mode" and I can't seem to get out of it. What makes this worse is the fact that I don't believe in shitty first drafts. The story still grinds to a halt even though I know where to take it now. Another story that I've been working on for well over a month still doesn't feel right. Do I cut the second part of the story altogether? Is it even necessary? Does the ending have any influence on the story whatsoever? On the personal side of things, finding a job seems almost impossible. We were almost at the point of generating some savings, and now we're going ot drain it all to survive, and both cars are making funny noises. The best I can do is sell my wifes Mazda and my library.