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September 8th, 2008

Birthday Book Haul

To help me with my lethologica, my mother sent along a copy of Foyle's Philavery by Christopher Foyle, which is a wonderful lexicon. She also sent along Ben Yagoda's If You Catch An Adjective, Kill It, which looks to be as much fun as Eats, Shoots, and Leaves.

Stephanie and her sister got me Jon J. Muth's Zen Shorts and Zen Ties. I know coffee tables are out of fashion, but so are books, and for me these will get a spot on my coffee table if I ever recover it. These books are gorgeous. I love them.

My mother also sent along cash, and I spent a chunk of it at Borders filling out my library with Axis by Robert Charles Wilson and The Ghost Brigades by John Scalzi. I loved Old Man's War. My only problem is I have a different binding of Old Man's War, the A5 binding, I think. I'm not sure what that's called. I prefer that size to the American paperback size, because it takes up less shelf space. I probably should have gone to Powell's.

I also picked up the Easy Classical Guitar Gig Book by Jerry Willard, because it looks like these are relatively easy pieces to learn, and I feel like I have learned what I can from my Pumping Nylon books, or given up on the pieces I cannot play yet, so it's nice to have new music.

And after all that, well, actually, before all that, I opened the way-cool-I-am-so-not-worthy gift on an iPod Nano, and was told--somewhat apologetically--that it's only 4 gigs. Only! I loaded up every album by the Bobs and the entire Beatles' Anthology discs, and several podcasts and I didn't even hit the 2gig mark!

My 4.5 hour commute just got a whole lot cooler.

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